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Estepha Francisque


My name is Estepha Francisque. I have worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the Midwest and now, the West Coast with children, youth, young adults, and families in schools, homes, and offices in rural areas, suburbs, and in the heart of cities. My specialities are dealing with trauma, mood disorders, and family issues, just to name a few. My passion is to bring quality clinical work that feels as comfortable and effective as possible, with as few barriers as possible. This is why I have worked to set up a counseling service that is simple, easy, convenient, and most importantly, helps you move forward, to get the healing you need and deserve.

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Estepha Francisque, MSW, LCSW, LISW

California Board of Behavioral Sciences
License # LCSW85391
Iowa Board of Social Work
License #079211