Our Pricing

Our mission is to make quality counseling approachable, accessible and most of all, affordable. We have developed pricing structures that aim to accomplish this mission.

*All payments listed are eligible towards applicable in-network or out-of-network deductibles. All payments count towards yearly out-of-pocket costs for applicable insurance plans.

Group Therapy

Join our group to process feelings of depression and anxiety and learn skills to improve your quality of life by learning and practicing skills developed by the Forward team.

  • Option 1: $25 per 60 minute group session. (Pay as you go.)

  • Option 2: $29 per 60 minute group session, plus discounted monthly individual session.
    (Group members receive access to one discounted 30 minute session per month with a $29 copay. )


Installment options are also available to make services more affordable. For some, a smaller consistent payment is preferable. Here are some available payment arrangements to assist with budgeting and making counseling affordable:

  • $39/week for 30 minute sessions biweekly

  • $53/week for 45 minute sessions biweekly

  • $67/week for 60 minute sessions biweekly

Click here to see payment plan breakdown. For questions about billing or pricing? Contact us and we will gladly work with you to clarify things or make an arrangement that works for you.


If you are interested in paying out of pocket for treatment, we can help you reduce your overall cost by buying services in bulk. Sessions never expire. Available options include:

  • 12 30-minute sessions for $549 (28% discount) or $49 per session

  • 12 45-minute sessions for $829 (29% discount) or $69 per session

  • 12 60-minute sessions for $1,199 (23% discount) or $ 99 per session


Our Rates

Initial Assessment (1hr) - $169

60 Minute Session: $129
45 Minute Session: $99
30 Minute Session: $69
60 Minute Group Session: $25

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