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The Baggage Breakdown (Part 4): Arrogance

This one hardly needs explaining, but for fun let's look at the stereotype. You know the type, the one who speaks with so much bluster about their talents and achievements, you have no idea how they haven't won an Grammy, Oscar, Emmy, Tony and Noble Peace Prize every year since their inception. The one whose "counter-punch" is exacted against anyone who dares to question their perfection. 

The Baggage Breakdown (Part 3): Self-Sacrifice

So, maybe you are not the one who won't let your anger take over because of your traumatic event, and you also are not about to allow yourself to repeat your mistakes and self-sabotage. But then you say to yourself, "I won't stoop to their level," so instead you decide to "kill them with kindness" or be a better person in general. This angle of of course proves them wrong.