Pre-Tax Health Account

If you have set these accounts up to be withheld from your paycheck, these funds are eligible to be used for therapy.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) are your pre-tax dollars set aside for health expenses not directly covered by your insurance. Forward Ethos accepts FSAs to use to pay for treatment.

To use an FSA, simply enter your card information as you would any other credit or debit card when you fill out our intake paperwork.

Health Spending Account (HSA)

HSAs are high deductible health plans mostly funded by the customer until reaching a certain deductible, after which the insurance company covers most or all expenses. Forward Ethos accepts HSA cards, and can work with your insurance company to cover services after meeting your deductible.

To use, enter your HSA card like any other debit or credit card when filling out your intake forms. Enter your insurance information and we will send you a “super bill” each month to send to your insurance to make sure your payments are counting towards your deductible.

For more information on insurance coverage, read our insurance section.

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