How It Works & FAQ


Never done online counseling before? Here’s how simple, convenient therapy works with Forward Ethos:


Step One: Schedule your first appointment

The magic of online therapy is that there are no phone calls or voicemails needed. Just click below and book your first appointment right away!


Step Two: Complete Your Intake Via Email

Easily register and complete releases, insurance, and payment information, and to set up appointment reminders in our convenient secure portal whenever you want. No clipboards necessary!


Step Three: Download the Telehealth App (For appointments via mobile)

Planning on attending on a mobile device? Download the Telehealth app (for iOS or Android) for easy, secure access to your appointments. Planning on joining via a laptop or desktop? No downloads needed! A link will be sent to your email that will take you straight to your session.


Step Four: Let’s Talk!

Simply click the link in your reminder email regardless of device and the site or app will open depending on your device. We have our session and everyone comes out feeling satisfied. Yay!


Last Step: Use The Client Portal

Our Client Portal is a secure, private area where you can access one-on-one messaging in between appointments and other information we may need to exchange for your care. This is very helpful for additional support, or for getting your questions answered.


But Wait! I Have More Questions!

No worries! If you need more explanations or clarifications, try this PDF explanation from our app provider, or contact us and I’d be happy to help.