Forward Ethos was born out of a passion for unlocking potential in myself and in others. We were inspired to create this site based on trying and failing to see success through traditional community development routes to actually provide sustainable change in peoples' lives in the areas they truly struggle the most; their emotions wellness and mental health. In our various experiences in community nonprofits, faith-based organizations and academic settings, we have come face-to-face with people at their most vulnerable and have learned that they are often willing to become better. They are willing to seek answers and discuss pain but lack understanding and accessible and avenues to do so.

In this light, we have found that if we are able to look at, examine and sometimes embrace the parts of ourselves that we feel or are told to be ashamed of, there often comes a springboard for change. The name "Forward" comes from Estepha's work in an intensive treatment program that involves a weekly written plan and supervision meeting before each counseling session. In weekly supervision meetings, his awesome supervisor often asks "what will move this person or family forward?" Forward. This word has stuck in our hearts to represent the bottom line of emotional growth. Am I moving forward? Am I growing? Are my friendships and relationships leading to mutual growth and development? Am I living my life with intentionality and purpose, or am I just comfortably going through the motions? Am I well? Am I whole? Am I free?

We have moved this concept of moving forward to our name, Forward Ethos. It is our continuous goal. To move towards, progress, improve, advance and promote our lives from our point of pain, failures, and even sometimes our pride. Ethos adds a bit more to this; it means philosophy, culture or spirit. Our goal is not just to accomplish a few breakthroughs and then stop. We endeavor to create a culture and philosophy of progression, improvement and, ultimately, freedom from baggage, unhelpful beliefs, trauma, addictions, or anything else that holds us back. To set ourselves free to be more open to everything that is best for us, in order to have fuller and more abundant lives. Feel free to share in this journey with us. Let's be a community of support, a collective of positive change in our own lives, and consequently, the lives of others. Blessings, Love and Healing to you!